Quiet Womans Row

Pill Today 29th October 2013

Pill is going golden at last, waiting for the first of the winter storms to arrive , forecast for Monday, some dramatic sky and foliage effects are taking place. The pictures were taken in Wolseley Street and in Courtybella Terrace. And to the gentleman who enquired "Who the *********** hell are you taking pictures of?" The answer is a Tree. It enjoys a greater intelligence.
And what of the mammoth storm which was going to bring chaos etc. Well it rained and rained some more and a bit more as well. It filled the duck pond to the brink, and the three ladies loved every moment of it. The howling gales just never happened. A typical day in the life of Newport's micro climate. All quite farcical and typical of Newport who's weather has a mind of its own.
Talking of ducks is there anyone out there on the other side who might enlighten me as to why my ducks have decided to leave the cosy straw filled house I built them and now lay their eggs under a holly bush. It Aint Christmas yet! Ho Ho Quacking Ho.

 90i6 wynns057

I found this 1979 shot of the "Tranny"
tucked away on the end of another file.
I remember the day well , I was out with Cliff
Knight from the Pill Advice Centre in thick fog,
the proper stuff we used to get. I dropped back after
the shoot to grab a few extras while it was still thick.
So Glad I did.

autumn 2013 038

After a 100 years, our Old Lady of Steel, still straddles the River Usk like a spindly legged dog, in wait for a passing Moon Beam

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